Many eye conditions are diagnosed during the initial examination, however advanced diagnostic testing may be required for more complex conditions. We will discuss the need for any additional testing during the exam and provide financial estimates. Many advanced diagnostic tests are performed during your scheduled appointment time, while others may require your pet to stay with us for a short time. AVCSC can provide, but are not limited to, the following advanced diagnostic procedures:

  • Gonioscopy – enables a magnified view of the fluid drainage system inside the eye, to help determine glaucoma type and risk potential to develop glaucoma.

  • Electroretinography (ERG) – evaluates the electrical function and over-all health of the retina. 

  • Ultrasonography – ultrasound imaging to view the structures inside, around and behind the eye.

  • Doppler blood pressure measurement – non-invasive and sensitive assessment of animal blood pressure.  Elevated blood pressure can cause several vision threatening abnormalities.

  • Cytology and biopsy 

  • Advanced serologic (blood) testing – assess for specific infectious, inflammatory and neoplastic conditions known to cause ophthalmic disease.