Our Mission:

To preserve and restore eye health and vision in pets – to live active, comfortable and happy lives.
Here are the tenents that allow us to achieve our mission daily:

Patient Care

Our patients will always be treated as if they are part of our own family. We will spare no effort to provide the highest standard in eye care for our patients, and their welfare and comfort is our top priority.

Client Care

We are a people centric profession, focused on your pet’s eye health. Confronted with the challenge of visual impairment and discomfort in your companion is not only stressful, but can at times be overwhelming. We understand this, and we will offer knowledge, guidance and compassion to you, our client.

Referring Veterinarians

The best and most efficient care of your pet’s eye problem is ensured through collaboration with the family veterinarian. We remain in very close communication with your family veterinarian while your pet is in our care, and afterwards to ensure recovery is progressing well once patients are dicharged from our services.